Weeks of trash pile up at Fort Myers apartment complex

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Trash is piling up high at the Westwood Apartments in Fort Myers.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger and it’s ridiculous,” said Fort Myers resident Megan Scurry.

People living there say the mess has been there for weeks.

“One, it’s disgusting. Two, the smell is horrible,” said resident Rodrigo Perdomo.

Apartment management says this unwanted landfill is the result of a trash compactor breaking down, but people living in the complex say it’s a pattern that has reached its climax.

From broken television screens, to last night’s dinner and even baby diapers, people living in the complex are forced to smell these things every day. And that’s not the only thing they say is lurking beneath the mountain of trash.

“I see raccoons, I see flies, I see snakes sometimes over here,” said resident Jose Cotto.

And for residents like Megan Scurry, keeping the unwanted smell and garbage away from her doorstep is nearly impossible.

“It’s hazardous, and next it’s going to be rodents. It’s been about two weeks since the trash had been here,” she said.

But residents got some small slice of hope Monday, as some of the trash has begun to be collected off the street. But there’s still plenty left to be cleaned up.

Apartment management says they will no longer be using their old trash compactor. A new one is being installed soon.

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