News trends in solo vacationing are changing the travel world

Writer: Derrick Shaw
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Credit: Intrepid Travel

When it comes to going places, there are some definite trends changing the travel world.

A big one? Taking off on your own.

Recent statistics show four in ten Americans have taken a solo trip.

“We’re seeing more people not waiting for their friends, or waiting for their partners, and not waiting for their family to get out and travel. So we’re seeing more and more people just getting and experiencing the world for themselves,” says Leigh Barnes of Intrepid Travel.

Barnes says things are changing for single parents now, too. Travel is more accessible than ever for just one parent traveling with the kids. Barnes explains, “There’s better pricing and better opportunities for them to do that. There are less barriers. You know, before it was probably taboo to travel without your partner. So we’re seeing those barriers removed.”

The wellness trend is also growing, with “activities” taking on a new twist when they used to be all about kicking back and relaxing.

Barnes says, “I don’t think it’s enough anymore to go somewhere to flop and drop to have a beer and eat and just swim in the pool. People are wanting to get out and run and walk and ride and really see these destinations through another lens.”

Meantime, others are headed off to endangered areas, thinking they need to “go before it’s gone”. Barnes says at Intrepid Travel, “We do see a spike in people wanting to get to the Antarctic, get to the Arctic, see Machu Picchu, experience the pyramids.”

Wonder what’s behind this wanderlust?

Barnes says it’s simple: “I think the real key thing is that people are valuing experiences over stuff.”

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