‘Family member in jail’ scam can happen quick and cost dearly

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No one ever thinks it will be them, a victim of a scam. That’s what Linda Condon of Naples said as she took us through the last two days playing cat and mouse with a scammer.

She’s is still in utter disbelief after being scammed so fast, “I just could not believe how quickly and easily this happened.”

For two days straight, she was going back and forth with a scammer. They sounded real, and scary enough to make her give up $1,500.

“I received a call from a woman I thought was my granddaughter. She said ‘oh my gosh grandma, I’m in so much trouble’,” condon said.

Then, a person pretending to be the police got on the phone. They told her to put money on gift cards at Walmart and CVS or she could be arrested.

Linda’s daughter Kathleen Condon, said the demands added up quick, “First she sent $1,000 bail, then $500 for something else, then the next day had to give $500,” all to help a granddaughter that was never in jail.

Walmart says elderly people come in all the time looking to put a lot of money on cards and employees are always looking to educate them if they think it looks suspicious.

The Naples Police Department says these scam crimes have a direct impact on the victim’s wallet and on law enforcement resources. It’s a crime where it’s hard to track down the criminal.

“I never thought I would be so vulnerable, very very convincing and threatening, threatening,” condon said, but offering advice for others, “Hang up. Just hang up quickly as soon as you can.”

If you think you’re on the line with a scammer, hang up and call your local police.

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