Surveillance footage captures vandals smashing car windshield in Cape Coral

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Surveillance cameras caught vandals armed with baseball bats smashing cars and mailboxes in Cape Coral.

They can be seen rolling up in a truck and taking a swing at a nearby car.

And the damage says it all. Kim Atkisson woke up Friday morning to find out her husband’s brand new Mercedes-Benz was smashed with a baseball bat.

“Kind of unbelievable because out here where we are it’s just a quiet area. it’s unnerving of course when anything like that happens, but it was unbelievable because it just doesn’t happen out here,” Atkisson said.

In the surveillance footage, the alleged vandals drive by the house—located on NW 36 Place—first. Then, they pulled up again on a bait truck. One person hanging off the side of the truck hopped off, and then took a big swing at the windshield before driving off.

Atkisson believes the suspects randomly chose their car but says police told her mailboxes nearby were also apparently smashed.

“When you do these things it ends up costing people money and it’s not something you should do so lightly, and just think it doesn’t have consequences. It does,” Atkisson said.

Atkisson and her husband were eventually able to get the windshield repaired, and luckily at no cost to them.

They say police have made arrests in this case.

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