Reckless driving by stunt bikers concerns Lee County motorists

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A biker caught on camera doing wheelies on U.S. 41 boasts, “this is how we drive in Florida.” Yet, several southwest Florida drivers who have seen the video disagree.

“I never actually thought I’d see something like this somewhere local,” Ilallely Cervantes said, a Lee County resident, “near a road that’s so busy like 41.”

The person who took cellphone footage of the incident on Sunday afternoon said the motorcyclist started in Cape Coral and drove like that for 10 minutes.

“I think it’s reckless driving,” Rebecca Crow said, from Lee County. “He’s putting other people’s lives at risk.”

Cervantes agrees.

“I would definitely try to be not anywhere near him,” Cervantes said. “I wouldn’t want to cause an accident — and definitely get him hurt or get hurt myself.”

Stunt biker driving in North Fort Myers. Photo via YouTube.
Stunt biker in North Fort Myers. Photo via YouTube.

Riders, like the man captured in the smartphone video, have been spotted doing those stunts all over Lee County.

Residents who expressed apprehension about the reckless driving have reason to be worried about these motorcyclists.

Florida leads the country in the most motorcycle fatalities.

Within the state, motorcycle accidents resulting in the driver having fatal injuries represent 18.5 percent of all vehicle crashes, according to the most recent figures from the Governors Highway Safety Association.

“He just needs to be more careful,” Cervantes said. “I realize that it is his life but he’s putting other people in jeopardy.”

Crow worries about younger minds becoming fixated on his stunts and eventually implementing them.

“As a mother, I wouldn’t want my child to do something like this,” Crow said, “and cause him to get hurt or any other person.”

Cape Coral Police Department has labeled the stunts reckless driving and it warrants a citation. Florida Highway Patrol said it is extremely dangerous and illegal to perform tricks, like wheelies or standing on the seat.

“Its important to figure out who this is — he could cause accidents,” Cervantes said. “It’s something that should be taken care of.”

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