Texas Walmart adds mental health services

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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During a time when the United States suicide rate is at its highest in decades, an American retail corporation is providing mental health services.

A Walmart in Carrollton, Texas recently opened an out-patient mental health clinic inside its store, offering shoppers easy access to care.

People in Southwest Florida considered whether something like this would work here or not. Dr. Laura Streyffeler, a licensed mental health counselor, is happy to see these services offered where they can be easily accessed by people who need them.

“People go to Walmart not just to buy things, but they get their nails done; they get their hair done; they do their banking,” Streyffeler said. “They’ve really turned it into one-stop shopping.”

Beacon Health Options, a Boston-based behavioral health company, will operate the first-of-its-kind mental health therapy office at the Carrollton Walmart about 30 minutes from Dallas.

The mental health office at the Texas Walmart is the only one right now, but Beacon Health said it will, “be looking at additional retail options in the future.”

The company said the retail setting offers the convenience of a local neighborhood location, and it offers patients help with common mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress, grief and relationship issues.

“I think if it works, then it’s a positive thing,” Streyfeller said. “If it doesn’t work, then you have to figure out something else. The good news is it’s bringing access to people that may not otherwise have it.”

People such as Dianne Looney in Cape Coral agree.

“With all of the mental health issues that we’re experiencing nationwide, any type of therapy I think would be beneficial,” Looney said. “There’s so much mental [health] help needed today, and I don’t think we offer enough.”


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