Mental Health Counselor shares how to recognize violence in the workplace

Reporter: Anika Henanger
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Mental health issues in the workplace

The recent mass shooting in Aurora has shed some light on violence inside the workplace. Mental Health Counselor Abbe Finn, from Florida Gulf Coast University, shares some tips on how to recognize the signs before it’s too late.

“You want to be looking for somebody who’s making threats or has a history of violence,” said Finn.

The shooter had a felony conviction for aggravated assault.

She says you also want to look for things like, people not taking care of themselves. For example, not eating or not sleeping could be a sign of that.

Using the expression like “I’ve got nothing to lose” could be a sign of mental health being an issue within a person according to Counselor Finn.

She also advises people to speak up if they feel something is wrong, or if they notice these types of signs coming from an individual you work with.

The most important step a person can make is recognizing these signs and making somebody that can help them aware, before something terrible takes place.

If you or somebody you know is experiencing mental health issues visit the Lee Health website here, or call 239-481-4111.

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