Comedian returns a week after someone called 911 over his joke

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Comedian Ahmed Ahmed performing at the Off the Hook comedy club in North Naples.

Comedian Ahmed Ahmed took the stage at Off The Hook Comedy Club in North Naples tonight, a week after someone thought his joke was so offensive they called 911 for help.

Ahmed wasted no time addressing that an audience member called the police on him because of his joke, he even told the same joke tonight. But this time around, the audience clapped and laughed.

Meriem Abelo came from Fort Lauderdale just to support the comedian after all the buzz.

“I’m Arab-American, so I kind of relate to some of the stuff he’s going to talk about,” Abelo said. “I think that it’s kind of ridiculous that he got 911 called on him.”

With a return to the same club and more supporters, the comedian’s last words of his set were dedicated to the 911 caller.

“I want to thank the 911 caller. I want to hire him as my publicist,” Ahmed said.

The comedian says this brought him international attention. Even though the owner says it wasn’t more packed than usual inside. The people were definitely there to see Ahmed after all this buzz.

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