Cape Coral family surprised by hundreds of dollars in toll fines

SunPass toll plaza. Photo Credit: CBS Miami

One family in Cape Coral had a surprise overdue toll bill worth hundreds of dollars, and they say they never should have been billed in the first place.

When Brandon Keilholz and his family moved to Cape Coral last year, one of the first things on their list was to get a SunPass for the tolls over the bridge.

Little did he know it would leave him surrounded by citation letters for missed payments that totaled over $3,000, despite having the SunPass being on auto reload so it never ran out of money.

“Where are these coming from, like I had no idea because we’re getting citations from Lee way back in October or November we never had Lee way,” Keilholz said.

Then he got a notice saying his license would be revoked if he didn’t pay the full amount soon. He and his wife took the citation to court and got the amount owed down to $650.

But says it still puts a hurting on his family.

“That’s less food on the table really, I can’t take my girls up to play golf or take them to the beach, because now I gotta pay this,” Keilholz said.

But now with only 90 days left to pay on what he says are incorrect violations, this Cape Coral family is looking for a lawyer to help them get answers.

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