Lee County couple has a home flooding nightmare

Reporter: Dannielle Garcia
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Flooding so bad that a couple says they can not walk their dogs or retrieve packages. Recycling will not even pick up their items. Most surprising of all is their home is new and under warranty. Everyone is pointing fingers as to who is to blame.

When Susan Edwards and her husband moved into their home six months ago, they never expected that water would overtake their lawn.

“It’s embarrassing, you know that we have company coming and we can’t even show them our new house,” Edwards said. “It stinks. It’s gross. My dogs goes in it and I have to go and give them a bath. I can’t walk them. I can’t get out of my house.

“There’s little tadpoles in it,” said Edwards, about her lawn. “There’s bacteria floating. It’s just disgusting.”

The standing water stood still for a while with little sign of retreat. The Edwards bought the newly built home under warranty from DR Horton Builders in November 2018. Their property is just outside of Bonita Springs within Lee County.

However, neither Lee County nor the builder wants to take responsibility.

Edwards said she wants it fixed. A regular Amazon customer, she said her items were delivered in a trash bag.

“They were in a trash bag laid next to the mailbox and floating through our lawn when we got home,” Edwards said. “Luckily, my package didn’t get wet. Our recycling bin was tipped over with everything floating around.”

With nowhere to turn, Edwards reached out to WINK News.

“We just don’t understand how an inspection was ever passed on this house and who’s responsible for it,” Edwards said. “You know, we’re under warranty and we can’t get anyone to help us.”

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