Cape Coral approves land rezoning for ‘Four Corners’ project

Reporter: Gina Tomlinson Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Credit: WINK News.

Cape Coral City Council approved the rezoning of three plots of land for the “Four Corners” project at Cape Coral City Hall Monday, but the council also voted to delay the decision for land at the southwest corner.

The project site is off of the intersection of Agualinda Boulevard and Beach Parkway.

The approved section of the project will be the site of 264 multi-family units, while the undecided corner of the project will be for either commercial or professional use.

“The council didn’t allow them to move up the units to above 500 — was wise,” neighbor Micheal Cooper said. “Keeping it around 200, understandable.”

Cooper is also somewhat happy to see the fourth corner of land is going to be slated for something other than residential complexes.

“Well, I’d like to see nothing, but that’s not going to happen,” Cooper said. “Realistically if something has to go there, it has to be something professional, something that fits in with that neighborhood, something like a doctor’s office or a dentist office.”

It was a packed meeting at the city hall with some members of the public in attendance forced to stand. The city project has come under heavy scrutiny from nearby homeowners, who have raised concerns about the potential for increased traffic and overall congestion.

”I just can’t envision what could go there that will improve our quality life in that part of southwest Cape,” neighbor Christina Cook said.

Amid controversy, property owner Russ Whitney, of the newly rezoned residential land, has a positive outlook for the future development.

”These are going to be fine apartments that are going to house firemen, policemen,” Whitney said. “Cape Coral is getting unaffordable.”


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