Cape Coral twins separated during end of school day

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With all the excitement for the first day of school in Lee County, there was also some personal horror for a family with twin boys. Other parents are also upset after hearing about the scary first day of school that separated two 5-year-old siblings who were beginning kindergarten. Thankfully, it was with the help of two older school kids that brought the two inseparable brothers back together.

Kaiden and Keegan Giura were supposed to stick together on the first day of school. But at the end of the school day, Kaiden was dropped off at the wrong stop, and Keegan was nowhere to be found for an hour.

Alyssa Giura said said a Cape Coral police officer showed up to their home Monday instead of a school bus.

“So I walked up to the window, and he’s just like ‘Do you know Kaiden?’” Alyssa said. “I said, ‘Yeah, that’s one of my sons.’”

Alyssa said two 11-year-old boys noticed Kaiden wandering around when he got off at the wrong stop and took him home.

“Thank God they were good people,” Grandmother Lisa Giura said. “They called the police. The police came and got him.”

But then questions turned to Keegan. Where was he?

“I said where is his brother?” Lisa said. “She said, ‘We didn’t know he had a brother.”

Lisa said everyone panicked.

“Three cop cars came,” Lisa said. “Nobody knew where he was for a good hour.”

But after that time passed, Keegan also made it home safely but shaking.

“That was their first school experience,” Alyssa said. “So for them, it was just like now one hates school already, and the other is like sick in bed. It was just traumatizing for both of them.”

The teachers had home addresses attached to both the brother’s backpacks by a teacher today, so the family isn’t blaming their school.

The Giuras want bus drivers to pay more attention.

“They have a list on the bus of wherever the kids are supposed to get off,” Alyssa said. “At least check if they’re under a certain amount of age or … They don’t look like they can actually walk themselves home.”


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