Sievers Murder: Rodgers’ then-girlfriend says he confessed to the killing

Reporter: Amanda Hall
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FILE: Taylor Shomaker in May 2016. (Credit: WINK News/FILE)
FILE: Taylor Shomaker in May 2016. (Credit: WINK News/FILE)

Once the jury is seated, one of the witnesses we expect them to hear from is Jimmy Rodgers’ former girlfriend, Taylor Shomaker, who said the suspect confessed to Teresa Sievers’ murder. She told WINK News about it in an exclusive interview in 2015.

Taylor was pregnant when she said her baby’s father, Jimmy, confessed to her that he killed Teresa. Taylor said she was in shock.

“She was an innocent woman,” Taylor said. “How could you just go and do something like this? She was so innocent.”

Taylor knew she had no choice. With fear for her life and her kids, she turned Jimmy into the police, even with the possibility he could face the death penalty for his actions.

“It’s sad because I loved him so much and it hurts that he would do something like this,” Taylor said. “But, he shouldn’t have done that. I don’t see how you can kill an innocent woman.”

Taylor said she lost her home and car after Jimmy went to jail. However, Teresa’s family said her bravery made it possible for the suspects to be held accountable for their actions.

After detectives traveled to Missouri and spoke to Taylor, they were able to arrest Jimmy’s friend, Curtis Wayne Wright. Detectives said Wayne paid Jimmy to help.

Taylor has no idea why Jimmy would help Wayne in the crime they are accused of committing. Wayne’s testimony led to the arrest of Teresa’s husband, Mark Sievers.

Taylor said Mark was “hot-headed.”

“Like he thought he could do anything and get away with it,” Taylor said.

Now, Taylor takes care of three kids herself, including her and Jimmy’s 3-year-old daughter.

“It’s hard to look at her sometimes,” Taylor said, “because she looks so much like him.”

Taylor said she is taking life day-by-day. She is also working on justice for Teresa’s family.

“I broke down in tears last night because how bad I felt for them,” Taylor said to WINK in 2015. “I tried doing everything I could to make sure these men are getting the convictions they deserve.”

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