Should I buy a real or an artificial Christmas tree?

Reporter: Therese O'Shea
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As we head into Thanksgiving week, trimming the tree is probably on your to-do list, and picking the perfect tree isn’t easy, or cheap, whether you go real or artificial.

WINK News found that a range of $60 to more than $100 for the price of trees, and that price goes up depending on your preference.

Rich Rasimowicz and his wife Kathy own Heavenly Trees in North Naples, and on average their most popular trees go for about $100.

“$100 for a tree…well you can go out to eat and feed three people at a restaurant and it’s gone in 20 minutes or in a half-hour. These trees gonna last from Thanksgiving into the New Year,” Rasimowicz said.

But the price of the real thing has gone up the last few years.

“There’s been a shortage on trees and prices have been quite high, quite higher,” Rasimowicz said.

Fewer trees were planted during the recession, leading to record high prices, and many deciding it’s worth their investment to get something they can use for the next 10 to 20 years.

Cape Coral resident, Paul Baldwin says that is his mentality since moving here from New York.

“There’s just something about living in Florida we go fake,” Baldwin said.

According to National Sales data, real trees go for $62-$76, but prices were up 5% last year.

The average price for artificial was around $107.

Artificial trees, however, can be even more expensive. But some people we spoke with said it is an investment that can last you for 10 or more years. You can also purchase an artificial tree with lights already on it!

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