Season of Savings: Apps that help you keep money in your pocket


Want to pay off student loans, or save for a vacation all while spending for the holidays?

Some apps help to find “loose change” in your bank account and set it aside for goals.

The Digit app analyzes how and what is spent, putting money that you wont miss into a savings account, or even toward student loans.

Bank of America has a similar program called Keep the Change, where everyday purchases are rounded up a part of a savings plan.

Acorns also rounds up purchases to the next dollar, but invests that money into the stock market.

Kimberly Palmer, a personal finance expert with NerdWallet, says apps like these automate savings, so it’s not as overwhelming.

“For example if you spent $3.75 on a coffee, they might put the additional quarter into the savings account,” Palmer said.

Palmer also suggests reading the fine print to make sure you understand what the app has access to, and what type of security is provided.


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