Parents glad to see Common Core on the way out of school’s curriculum

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Mom checks in with her children as they are doing homework. (Ivanhoe Newswire photo)
Mom checks in with her children as they are doing homework. (Ivanhoe Newswire photo)

Common Core is on its way out of the classroom and most parents couldn’t be happier to see it go, after years of struggling to understand the math themselves—much less help their kids understand it.

“The frustration is it’s foreign…it’s like trying to read a foreign language,” said Dave Claar, who is a grandparent of a Southwest Florida student.

The Florida Department of Education wants to do away with Common Core and move to another system called “Best”, and one of the biggest changes is that with Common Core students are told to use specific methods to solve problems and a lot of the wording is confusing— parents don’t even understand it.

Under “Best”, students will have the freedom to use what is simple and makes the most sense to them.

That’s a relief for one mom who says even if she knew how tho help her kids get the right answer, she was stumped by Common Core.

“That was the issue…I could solve the problem for him and I could get the right answer and I could explain to him why it was solved that way. Teachers were like no you have to complete it according to the way they wanted it done and then we were frustrated,” said Erica Wood, a mother to a Southwest Florida student.

If all goes as planned the State Board of Education will approve changes within the next two months, and the new standards will be part of Florida classrooms by 2021.


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