Family targeted by scammer with unnerving amount of personal information

Reporter: Breana Ross
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A family in Charlotte County says they are being threatened, and it started over a voicemail left on one of their phones.

Tell your sister to quit playing games, otherwise you’re going to have a real problem,” the person on the other line said in the message.

The calls came in over, and over, and over. Stephanie Jersey says the person has their personal information and believes they will use it against them unless they pay up.

In another message the person says, “I’m a process server for Charlotte County, I have a summon for Melissa Amick.” What got Jersey’s attention is that they know her sister’s name.

Jersey’s says the caller ID comes up as one of the Charlotte County office buildings.

The voicemail warned Jersey if her sister didn’t call back and pay a fee she faced a lawsuit. But for what? The caller didn’t say.

However, he did say, “Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the court proceeding”

Jersey and her sister checked with the Charlotte County courts and found no civil case against her, but the sisters told me the threatening voicemails kept coming.

“He’s called from my fiancée’s number. He’s called from my fiancée’s mom’s phone my fiancée’s dads phone…My parent’s phone. He’s now beginning to call my fiancées parents from my number.” A technique that scammers can do to spoof any number they wish.

And the messages got scary:

Tell your sister to stop playing or else you’re going to have a real problem. You got that? I’ve got all your information

Social security numbers, addresses, and birthdays – Jersey says the caller has it all.

“I’m terrified that I’m going to literally have a knock on my door and it’s going to be this guy,” she said.

Jersey told WINK News she’s an expert in watching her back. The sisters say the Charlotte County Deputies are considering the case stalking and harassment.

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