Parents share their secrets to successful e-learning


A couple of weeks into e-learning, tens of thousands of parents and kids are adjusting to this new way of keeping up with classwork.

So, what’s the secret to success?

“Don’t try to follow the typical school schedule. Do not try to wake them up at 7:30 and get them breakfast, let them sleep in a little,” said Tennille Hansen, a mother of 10.

Christian Sodano said the experience has taught him that flexibility helps kids buy-in to e-learning.

“There’s nothing wrong with backing off for a little bit and returning to it later that day or even another day,” he said.

And listening helps him help his daughters.

“Involving the kid, getting feedback, constantly.”

Monica Rocha has four kids learning at home, and she said it’s tough to expect kids to learn at a parent’s pace. That doesn’t mean you have to sit next to them all day.

“I usually let them take the lead and learn. I noticed they learn a lot better by taking the lead,” she said.

“I am a different homeschooler in the way that I don’t typically stay with my kids at the table and be like OK, this is what we are learning right now,” Hansen said. “They all just kind of do their own thing and I teach from the beginning that they will be self-taught and self-motivated.”

Rocha said she learns a lot from her kids.

“I think this is a great time just to get to know each other. See how you can help your child, to guide them and they guide us, too. They are our teachers.”

These three parents said it’s a good idea to reward kids for their good behavior. Doing things around the house, like baking, gardening or arts and crafts, offer a nice break from the books.

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