Dance teacher has students doing ‘handwashing dance’ to spread important message, have fun

Reporter: Sydney Persing
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These dance moves are more than just exercise, they’re also a life-saving lesson for all of us.

Some SWFL dance students are doing a hand washing dance. Their teacher, Maria Iannone, was inspired by these difficult days.

“I just thought that having them dance while they’re washing their hands would be a way to pass the time really fast,” she said. “I want them to think about the situation as well and how to keep them safe. So the fact that they enjoyed it is just a plus.”

So handwashing became homework and the coronavirus is in the curriculum; an assignment of choreography, creativity and cleanliness with at least 20 seconds required and parent and sibling participation welcome.

It’s a way for students to keep up with the moves and keep away the germs!

“It’s a way to sit there and do something physical at home instead of doing nothing. And I’ve been working on new skills, new flexibility,” said one student.

“After I learned the dance, it got stuck in my head,” said another student.

“It was a way for me to see them too and see if they were okay,” said Iannone.

Because on the computer or in the classroom, it’s about so much more than just dance.

Lots of teachers, especially in the arts, are using video to challenge and evaluate their students.

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