Safe Cleaning: How to avoid risk of injury when using cleaning chemicals in your home

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Avoid dangers when using cleaning chemicals.

Most homes are filled with cleaning products as we try to keep clean these days—but there’s an alarming increase in people making themselves sick by mistake.

Calls related to bleach have nearly doubled in the last six weeks and poison control says the reason for the uptick are people mixing bleach with other chemicals.

WINK News visited some local cleaning professionals to see how we can all safely use our cleaning products.

First—read the instructions on the back of the product and follow any of the listed measurements or personal protective gear recommendations.

You also want to make sure the area you’re cleaning is well ventilated—turning on any ceiling fans or opening nearby windows.

And lastly, don’t mix cleaners with other chemicals.

“Even something as simple as bleach and water, you need to make sure you are using those solutions in a well-ventilated area in order to avoid any headaches or dizziness. But there are also chemicals you want to make sure you are not mixing—one of them is ammonia and bleach,” said Michelle Spitze, owner of MaidPro.

In the event you start to feel sick while cleaning—the best thing to do is go outside, get some fresh air, and call poison control.

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