With schools reopening soon, we asked kids how they felt about going back, wearing masks

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Jasmine Pierre, incoming fifth-grader. (WINK News)

Schools are opening in the fall and even young kids are thinking about what they may need to do to be able to see their friends again.

WINK News anchor, Michelle Mackonochie talked with some kids about how they feel.

MICHELLE: Are you excited to go back to school?

BERNARDO: A little bit.

MICHELLE: A little bit? Why a little bit?

BERNARDO: Because I don’t like school so much.

While Bernardo can take or leave school, Miguel can’t wait.

“I get to learn new things and see my friends again,” he said.

With the state ordering all Florida brick-and-mortar schools to open in August, the debate now is whether to require kids of all ages to wear masks.

Abraham is not a fan. “Yeah, I don’t really like masks but I’ll do it,” he said. “They hurt your ears.”

MICHELLE: Why do you feel good about face masks?

BERNARDO: So I don’t get the coronavirus.

Issac is a boy of few words, but we got his message. “I’d wear a mask,” he said. “You would? So you’d get to play with your friends again,” asked Michelle, to which he nodded.

“I feel kind of weird because masks are so not normal,” said Miguel. “You have to wear them on your mouth, on your nose; I don’t feel like it.”

Fifth-grade-bound Jasmine Pierre said wearing a mask to school won’t change a thing. “Now we basically have to wear a mask everywhere, so it’s not really a difference.”

Every boy and girl Michelle talked to agreed on one thing: they probably won’t get to make the decision. They’ll have to do as they’re told.

While school districts in South Florida have already decided students will wear masks, the districts in our viewing area are still debating the issue.

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