Study shows millions of women’s jobs at risk during pandemic

Reporter: Rachel Cox-Rosen Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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We’re learning more about the impacts the coronavirus pandemic has had on people’s jobs, especially women. Federal numbers show more that 50% of the millions of jobs that have been lost were women’s jobs. We spoke to a mother who says she gave up her job for her daughter.

New mom Stacey Sosinski says the pandemic has added more obstacles to the trials of early motherhood in 2020.

“You’re already dealing with how to navigate caring for another human being, all of the emotions and fears that already come with that,” Sosinski said. “Now, let’s add a pandemic into it.”

Fearing that daycares might be unsafe, Sosinski made the decision to stay home with 7-month-old Remi, putting her career as a veterinary technician on hold.

“We decided that that’s going to be the best thing for us is for somebody to stay home with her and keep her home,” Sosinski said. “And we did that for about two months, maybe even a little bit over.”

She’s not alone. From careers in health care to food service, many women have left the workplace to raise and educate their children.

FCGU economist Tom Smythe doesn’t see the growing trend changing anytime soon.

“We still have to break sort of the psychological barriers that, you know, men are the providers and women stay at home,” Smythe said.

Smythe said recent trends could also be related to the large impact the pandemic has had on jobs held by women.

“I think it’s a big part of why many people are pushing for in-person education for kids because of the economic impact it’s having,” Smythe said.

While many hope school starting in the fall will provide the chance to get back to work, Sosinski leans the other direction, citing rising cases in the state.

“It’s definitely scary, and you definitely think, ‘OK, well, do I need to take another leave of absence? Will they let me take another leave of absence?’” Sosinski said. “Because you want to be a good parent. You want to make the right choices, but you also have to try and balance that with being a good employee.”

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