Salon owners say masks are crucial

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Studies have shown that masks are our best defense against spreading COVID-19 and scientists an doctors have been stressing this. But they are especially important to wear if you are in close proximity to other people, like at some businesses.

That is why many business owners are insisting that customers wear masks.

“This isn’t about what my preferences it’s about me protecting other people,” said Linda Heinz, a customer at Bare Roots salon.

Owner of Bare Roots, Juliana Zedeker has been doing Heinz’s hair for two years. But their last few visits have been…different but definitely safe.

“the mask, it’s very important. So we’re super happy to hear that so many people did not get the virus because the hairdresser was wearing a mask,” Zedeker said.

A study from Missouri showed that two hair stylists had COVID-19 but they and their clients all wore masks. None of the customers who were tested tested positive for the virus.

“I think it’s all about prevention right now and just keep wearing the masks, we wipe down everything every time someone walks in and out” Zedeker added.

Another local salon, Spada, is doing its part to slow the spread of coronavirus.

“We also have a wellness check which is just a few short questions to ask them to make sure that they haven’t had a fever or cold or any signs and haven’t been quarantined with anybody with COVID in the last 14 days,” said Judy Williams, owner of Spada salon.

Williams also believes that the results of the studies check out so she’s going continue to do her part. “It also really didn’t surprise me too much because salon and spas, we follow guidelines of the health regulations anyway,” she said.

The number of cases may still be rising but Williams and Zedeker know their clients are protected.

“I truly really believe in the mask, mostly because we’re so close to people and it’s definitely important,” Zedeker said.

“Being in a salon and spa is one of the safest places to be,” Williams added.

Williams also said she thinks a statewide mask mandate is a key to lowering the number of positive cases.

Both stylists suggest they will continue to require staff and customers to wear masks in their salons.

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