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Dolphin hangs out with surfer off Naples coast

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This is something you don’t see every day: a dolphin hanging out with a surfer off the coast of Naples.

Video of the encounter has gone viral since it was posted over the weekend.

Matthew Smith wasn’t the only “getting some air” on Sunday in the Gulf.

“I mean, who gets to do that? Not many people,” he said. His wife Shannon was there to capture it all on video.

“We heard a slap, a real loud slap on the water,” Smith said.

“We had music going and she turned the music down, and she was like what was that? She was concerned maybe there was something wrong with the boat because it was loud.”

But nothing was wrong and it turned out just be a friend tagging along.

“I said it’s gotta be a dolphin; it’s the only thing it could be because the boat was running fine and I turned around and then it jumped again,” he said.

“She rock-starred it because she was driving the boat and she was able to get the phone and film at the same time.”

They’ll treasure the moment for years to come, but wake surfing isn’t anything new to Smith. He’s been “riding” for more than 10 years and he hopes this dolphin encounter won’t be his last.

“The odds are probably for it. The dolphins are always out there and so am I; we just kind of need to cross paths at the same time.”

Smith and his wife are originally from Virginia, where he actually ran a wake surfing school. He also ran one of the largest wake surfing competitions on the East Coast.