Kamala Harris’ historic inauguration as vice president

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kamala harris

Vice President Kamala Harris has become the first woman, first Black person and first Asian-American to be elected to America’s second-highest office. For many girls and woman of color, they have a new role model.

Many women now have a sense of hope regarding positions of power and feel like anything and everything is possible.

With tears in her eyes, Fort Myers City Councilwoman Teresa Watkins Brown watched as a black woman was sworn in as Vice President of The United States.

“We have held positions before but for Vice President Kamala Harris to be where she is today is just truly something that makes your heart just feel glad and say ‘thank you God,'” said the Councilwoman.

“That everything that we fought for over the years from marching for the rights of women to vote and it hasn’t been that long that women have been able to hold that position of being able to vote to now see someone that has accomplish the things that she has accomplished,” she said.

With Harris taking the oath of office, Watkins Brown and so many other black women were able to see something they never thought they’d witness.

She says today made her think of her mother, a woman who grew up in a segregated Lee County and fought for her children to have a college education.

“So she always taught us never to give up and I think that is the message that Kamala Harris is saying to us today, that we can’t succeed if you just never give up,” Watkins Brown said.

Although her mother isn’t alive to see this powerful and groundbreaking moment, little Black and brown girls all across the country are witnessing this. They now know that if Kamala Harris can do it, they can too.

“She’s shown that today, that nothing is impossible,” said Watkins Brown.

So many other women were amazed and proud of Vice President Harris today. They say not only has she shattered yet another glass ceiling but, they wonder, if a woman of color can become Vice President of the United States of America, what’s next?

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