Two-year-old reunites with Buzz Lightyear

Author: CBS NEWS
A 2-year-old was reunited with Buzz Lightyear after it went missing on a Southwest Airlines plane. (CREDIT: CBS News)

A little boy in California has been reunited with one of his favorite toys, but not before Buzz Lightyear took an unexpected ride to Infinity and Beyond.

It happened recently when 2-year-old Hagen left his miniature space ranger on a plane that just landed in Dallas. “He kept asking for Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, and I thought he was in backpack. He wasn’t in backpack,” Hagen’s mom Ashley said.

Buzz became a stowaway and headed to Little Rock, Arkansas, where Southwest Airlines employees found him. Luckily, Hagen’s name was written on Buzz in the same spot that “Andy” is written in the famous “Toy Story” movies. “If the name wasn’t on the boot, there woulda been no way to track us down,” Ashley said.

The Southwest Airlines team was determined to make Buzz’s return to California a mission to remember. They took photos and even sent Buzz back in a hand-decorated box with a special note.

“He was so excited,” Ashley said. “Immediately he’s like, ‘is that mine?’ And we checked the bottom of the boot, saw it said Hagen, and he’s like, ‘Can I play with it?’ I’m like yeah, buddy, it is yours. You can play with it as much as you want to.”

Hagen’s mom says it’s nice to know there’s still good in this world.

Hagen also had “Woody” from “Toy Story” with him on the trip, but he managed to stay safe.

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