Mother of Mariner High student said school didn’t do enough after son called the N-word and jumped

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Mariner High School (CREDIT: WINK News)

A Cape Coral mom is upset by the way Mariner High School handled a fight where her son was jumped and called the N-word.

The fight was caught on video and includes racial slurs.

Her son ended up suspended and now she wants the school to make it right.

The fight occurred on June 3rd.

Adelaida Mejia said the people at Mariner High School told her the kids who jumped her son would get a harsh punishment.

She was thinking they would be expelled but instead, they were suspended just like her son. She wants the boys held accountable for punching her son and for calling him the N-word.

Mejia gets mad every time she watches the video.

“It clearly shows that he’s trying to avoid them from the fight and they continue to bother him,” Mejia said. “I literally watched the video crying.”

“No parent wants to see their child get jumped in school,” Mejia said. “No parent wants to watch a video with their son getting jumped by three persons and I couldn’t be there to defend him.”

Mejia said the students who jumped her son were picking on him all week. They told him they wanted to fight one-on-one but her son said no because he was focusing on raising his grades.

According to the Cape Coral Police Department, the school resource officer heard over the radio that there was a fight between four students during class change.

The victim did not report the fight to any school official. He was taken from class and asked about the altercation.

According to the student, an argument started over Snapchat while he was still at home the previous night and it continued on the bus on the way to school.

The student ran into one of the three students he argued with in the hallway and they began to fight. Another two students also jumped in.

School officials called the student’s mom and she said it would be her son’s decision whether to pursue charges. The student decided not to press charges.

“I was hoping they’d get expelled just for them to show that this racial stuff has got to stop,” Mejia said. “So I have to wake up every morning worried of who’s going to jump my kid now if these boys are going to attack him again or what’s going to happen next.”

When this happened, Mejia said, her son didn’t want police to get involved.

But she said if the school doesn’t take more action, she will go back to police and press charges.

In a statement, the school district said students were disciplined per the Student Code of Conduct.

A school district spokesman said the district didn’t believe the fight was racially motivated.



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