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Charlotte County deputy spends one night in jail after stalking arrest

Reporter: Emma Heaton

A Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office deputy has been released from jail after being arrested for stalking a woman in North Port.

Deputy David Motz, who is now on administrative leave, faces charges for aggravated stalking.

According to an arrest affidavit, Motz threatened the woman, telling her she would end up like Denise Amber Lee, who was kidnapped, raped and murdered in 2008.

Motz was released on Thursday after a judge set bail at $1,500. The judge also said Motz is to have no contact with the woman he is accused of stalking.

The mother of the woman who came forward with the stalking claims said she fears Motz might come after them.

Even though Motz agreed to stay away from the woman, the woman’s mother doesn’t think he will do it.

Her daughter told police she endured months of unwanted phone calls, emails and unannounced visits.

“It makes me very very angry. Very angry, because this girl has been tormented. I mean she’s still tormented. It’s going to be a long time before she gets past this,” the woman’s mother said.

The woman who was stalked told WINK News she is not ready to talk on camera, but she said she wanted to thank the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office and the community’s response to her story.

The woman’s mother said she thinks it’s wrong the bond amount for Motz was set so low.

“It’s actually frightening,” the woman’s mother said.

Now that Motz is back on the street, she won’t rest, she said.

She said she can’t forget how Motz terrorized her daughter.

“He wanted to send me Mother’s Day gifts and it happened to be a crime magazine, with notorious killers,” Motz. “That’s the magazine he sent me for Mother’s Day.”

“I think he might just try to retaliate,” she said.