Man and woman attacked by their own dog in Englewood

Reporter: Emma Heaton Writer: Drew Hill
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englewood dog attack house
Credit: WINK News

A pit bull has attacked its owners and now WINK News is showing you the 911 calls of their daughter pleading for help. The call is difficult to listen to. 

“What if he’s killing him and I’m not doing anything?!” she said.

The attack happened Wednesday morning and the couple was flown to a hospital.

The calls for help that Heather Oburg had to make were urgent, scary and heartbreaking. “Oh my God! The dog’s attacking, the dog’s attacking right now. Okay I can’t! I can’t do anything about this,” Oburg said.

While on the phone with 911, she barricaded herself in a room after her mother and step-father’s dog turned on them.

“My dog! It’s attacking everyone. I can’t! I don’t know what to do!” said Oburg.

Heather Oburg didn’t hesitate when she saw her mother having a seizure on Wednesday. When she picked up the phone, the dog attacked her seizing mother and her step-father. The 911 operator said, “I’m sending paramedics to help you now.”

That call lasted for 11 minutes and much of it is too graphic to hear. Oburg says she could hear her step-father begging for help. Sadly, she couldn’t help him because she feared the dog would attack her or her young son.

“Oh my God! I don’t know what to do,” she said.

The first Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputy on scene was able to stop the attack and confine the dog by using his Taser. Animal control arrived next.

Brian Jones is the division manager for Charlotte County Animal Control. “This is probably one of the top three dog maulings that I’ve ever worked with,” Jones said.

His team took the dog into quarantine. Yet, they haven’t figure out why the dog attacked its owners. “We don’t know why the dog attacked. We just know that it happened and we had to be very reactive in that scenario,” said Jones.

Jones says the dog will remain in quarantine for 10 days. He couldn’t imagine that the owners would want the dog back but if that is the case Animal Control and Animal Welfare will determine the fate of the animal.

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