Collier County Sheriff’s deputy fired for having sex on duty

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Collier County Sheriff's Office
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A Collier County Sheriff’s deputy has been fired for having sex while on duty. But investigators say this was not a one-time incident.

Corporal Juan Vazquez was having sex with a woman in the back of a car while he was supposed to be serving and protecting his community.

A person gave video evidence to investigators showing that Vazquez had sex on the job twice. Both times were in the back of the same car with the same woman.

Vasquez was interviewed on September 28th and said that he’d only had sex on the job one time. But the next day the tipster returned to investigators with the second video.

This isn’t how taxpayers wanted their tax dollars to be spent.

It didn’t go over well with Arthur Kennedy for Collier County. “I’m not against having sex but you’re working for me, I’m paying your salary, you’re supposed to be protecting me, you are definitely not supposed to be having sex,” Kennedy said.

An internal affairs investigation revealed that Collier County Corporal Juan Vazquez was recorded having sex with a woman in the back of a car.

The video shows Vazquez getting into the car in full uniform. The car was parked right outside of the Twin Eagles neighborhood.

The person who recorded the video was the woman’s boyfriend. Vazquez admits that he knew the woman and her boyfriend were in an open relationship and that they were part of a nudist colony. However, he did not know he was being recorded.

“If he’s caught doing it twice, he’s probably been doing it a little more than twice, is what my feeling is,” said Kennedy.

The person who tipped off law enforcement had a feeling that it wasn’t right for Vazquez to be doing this while he was on the clock. So, she brought it to the attention of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

“Well, I think he should have lost his job. That’s a no-brainer,” Kennedy said.

The woman who reported it says this was consensual and that her friend was in love with Vazquez.

Even before the second video came to light, Vazquez had already been fired.

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