Charlotte County Toys for Tots looking to help more families this holiday season

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For many, the pressure is on to get holiday shopping done as soon as possible. However, experts warn that supply shortage could keep shelves emptier than usual for this time of year.

However, prices will continue to increase. These price increases could hit hard for families that are already struggling to make ends meet.  The “Toys for Tots” Warehouse in Port Charlotte wants to make sure that every child has a gift this season.

Shayna Donnelly lives in Port Charlotte. For her, the holiday season means searching, shopping and spending. “I’m trying to save a little bit of money this year you know because I have a lot of gifts to buy,” Donnelly said.

Donnelly wants to find the best gift at the best price. But, with so many supplies running low and the prices continuing to rise, she shares a fear with so many other shoppers. “Not being able to get the gifts I can for the people I love,” she said.

That is where “Toys for Tots” comes in. Karen Klass is the Coordinator for Toys for Tots in Charlotte County. “We have the toys. They can apply and we will make sure that they have what they need for Christmas to our utmost ability,” Klass said.

Their goal is to make sure children in need have a great Christmas, too. “Every child needs to open something on Christmas. With what we’re going through right now in this world, every family needs a little bit of hope,” said Klass.

Anyone who feels called to donate their gifts or their time, can. “The bigger we get, the bigger help we need. So yeah, always in need. There’s always something to do,” said Klass.

Cheryl Potter volunteers with Toys for Tots in Charlotte County. “Christmas to children is everything. We want them to be happy,” Potter said.

Klass says they are hoping to help twice as many families this year as they did last season. Last year’s number was 2,500 but she thinks they can double that number with enough assistance from the community.

If you would like to volunteer for, apply to or donate to Toys for Tots in Charlotte County, you can do by following this link.

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