Tips for navigating holiday deals amid this year’s supply chain issues

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A month-long stretch of shopping deals is coming ahead of Black Friday. Expect to see higher prices and fewer deals this holiday season and experts want you to get your loved one’s gifts now, so everyone actually receives what’s on their list.

The sights and sounds of the season have already hit store aisles and displays, but in the year of pandemic supply chain issues, NerdWallet’s personal finance expert Kimberly Palmer says you’ll want to snatch up your holiday gifts when you see them because you never know if you’ll see them again.

“You don’t want to wait too long, even if prices are dropping, because really the stock might run out,” said Palmer.

Every major retailer has entered this year’s pre-Black Friday sale arena and the pricing competition’s hot. With many retailers having similar deals.

For example, a Samsung 65″ TV costs around $570 at Target, BJ’s, Costco and Walmart. At Sam’s Club, you’ll pay about $80 more.

A new Echo Dot will set you back $35 at those stores. The same goes for a new Amazon Fire Stick Light, at just $22.

Going straight to Apple for their newest products might not be the cheapest option.

Airpods Pro cost $250 on the Apple website, but at Amazon, Best Buy and Target they are listed for only $190. They can also be found for $200 at BJ’s. The other wholesale stores, Costco and Sam’s Club, have them listed for $220.

If the prices for any of the items you bought this season go down, check with the retailer you bought them from, some will refund the difference.

Regardless of the deals you find, Palmer says don’t wait for a better price to come around. “We’re really trying to walk the line of the timing of when is the right time to make the purchase.”

You won’t be able to jump in line right after you finish your Thanksgiving Dinner either. All of the brick-and-mortar stores mentioned in this article will be closed on Thanksgiving, and most online Black Friday sales won’t begin until Black Friday.

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