What to do if your package is delayed

Writer: Derrick Shaw

Online shopping is convenient but shipping can be a hassle.

Buyers have the right to get their package on time or their money back.

Companies have to ship your order in the time frame they say they will by law.

If it’s delayed, they have to give you a new time frame or give you a reason why it’s delayed.

And if it’s delayed, consumers have the right to cancel the order for a full refund.

If the seller refuses, the Federal Trade Commission recommends getting help from an organization like the Better Business Bureau.

Or you can share your experience on social media. Oftentimes, companies monitor social media and respond to complaints.

You can also write a complaint letter to the seller or company explaining why you are entitled to that refund.

For a sample letter, visit the Federal Trade Commission website.

And for information on what to do if your package never arrives, visit here.

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