Community reacting to Charlotte County shooting that left a woman dead

Writer: Matthew Seaver
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Questions surround the domestic-related death of a Southwest Florida woman after she was shot to death. 63-year-old David Kolenda was arrested after the shooting on Sunday in Charlotte County.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office said the family has invoked their Marcy’s law right and that the victim of the shooting will not be identified. The sheriff’s office will only say the killing is domestic in nature.

Detectives say Kolenda shot and killed a woman inside a Chevy Silverado on Taylor Road in Charlotte County on Sunday night.

David Kolenda (Credit: Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office)

So far it is unknown what Kolenda’s relationship with the victim is.

Despite all that, people from the area near the shooting have a lot to say.

Jamie, who just moved to Punta Gorda, said it’s, “devastating. I mean, anytime you hear about something happening in the home, anybody could place themselves there because we all get angry, but still, I feel really bad for them.”

Sandy Edgson also lives in Punta Gorda. She said she is shocked by the shooting. “It’s something like that never happens here just never happens here. I don’t know all the details about it. But this just doesn’t happen in Punta Gorda, just doesn’t happen in Punta Gorda.”

David Redding, who lives in Charlotte County, said this is a reminder of the dangers of domestic abuse. “If you know somebody who is going through any sort of domestic abuse, it’s good to check in with them. It’s good to talk to them, see where they’re at. Because I think at the end of the day, you know, it’s a horrible situation that this happened, but I just wish that there were more people that maybe could have identified and reached out to her and kind of saw what happened. Absolutely tragic.”

Kolenda is being held on a $750,000 bond and is facing a charge of second-degree murder and a charge of aggravated battery. Kolenda is expected to be back in court in December.

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