Car rips through 2 fences of a NW Cape Coral farm

Reporter: Zach Oliveri Writer: Drew Hill
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fence hit and run NW CAPE
fence hit and run NW CAPE Credit: WINK News

A car ripped through not one but two fences outside of a Southwest Florida home and entered a family’s farm.

This happened in Cape Coral off of NW 24th St., near El Dorado N and Kismet Parkway W in Cape Coral.

But, as WINK News report Zach Oliveri learned, this isn’t the first time something like this happened at this home. This is actually the second time someone has driven through the Pereira family fence.

And while the damage may be frustrating, the family was much more concerned about the safety of their family.

Car parts and wood fencing were scattered all across one Cape Coral farm, and a car drove through not one but two fences. The Cape Coral Police Department is referring to this as a hit-and-run.

Tiffany Pereira owns the property where this crash happened. “The car just dragged through the first fence. Then dragged through the second fence, which is about 50-60 feet past it,” said Pereira.

Pereira and her family were not home this weekend when that car came crashing through. But their friends and neighbors called them right after, and the family rushed home.

“We immediately loaded up the kids and headed back because we don’t know how bad the damage is or if anyone can get out any of the animals that didn’t get out right away,” Pereira said.

That array of animals includes goats, pigs, horses and even a cow. And typically, those animals would be contained to the pasture near the two now-broken fences.

The blessing in disguise here is that the animals were in another pasture when the car came rushing through, far away from the damage.

James McCormick is a friend of the family. “We’re very lucky that they weren’t because we would’ve had animals scattered all over Northwest Cape Coral, and that would not have been fun,” McCormick said.

One animal did get out, though. Bodie is the family’s one-eyed German Sheppard. He was returned soon after a neighbor found him.

Now, the family has to focus on fixing the damage left behind. “It was just disappointing to see that someone came, did that much damage, and then I was honestly shocked they were able to drive away,” said Pereira.

Cape Coral police say they have made an arrest related to this crash. As for Tiffany and her family, it will cost them between $4,000 and $5,000 to repair both fences.

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