Average prices of gas in Florida nears $4 as gas prices continue to rise nationwide

Reporter: Marcello Cuadra Writer: Drew Hill
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pumping gas

You are paying more at the pump. AAA says the average price for gasoline is just above $4 nationwide.

Gas prices have risen 28 cents in the last three days and 46 cents since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ten days ago. Those are all the most significant increases since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005.

Futures for a barrel of oil are now over $127 per barrel. And, back here in Florida, the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.59.

On Saturday, the national average was sitting at $3.92. Now, we’re at $4.01. On gas station on Collier Blvd. in Collier County has a sign saying regular gas is $3.99.

And, drivers in Collier County are noticing the increase. Tatiana Myers says she’s been staying home more due to the rising prices.

“It’s just difficult, just working, most of the paychecks go towards gas, and on top of that everything has gone up in price, foods, there’s not much in the grocery store, so it’s a struggle,” Myers said.

Myers told WINk news it costs her about $90 to fill up her tank. And, it only lasts for about a week with driving to and from work and to places like the grocery store and the gas station.

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