Human remains found in Curry Creek Wildlife Preserve in Babcock Ranch

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Babcock Ranch
Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office forensics unit in Babcock Ranch. (Credit: WINK News)

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office says skeletal human remains were found in Babcock Ranch on Friday.

The sheriff’s office says they received a call from a land development company on Friday morning and were told that a human skeleton had been found while crews were maintaining the east side of the Curry Creek Wildlife Preserve.

People in the Babcock Ranch community said they were not frightened by the discovery. They would like to know how the person died. Residents say this is a family-oriented community and they want to make sure it stays that way.

“It was kind of surprising,” said Larry Johnson.

“I mean, this is shocking. I was like, ‘what the heck’s going on?'” Danielle McCartney said.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and a forensics unit are taking their time at this site.

WINK News Safety and Security Specialist Rich Kolko says it is for good reason.

“Are there other pieces of evidence of either criminal activity or information that could help identify the person? A wallet, some jewelry, a piece of clothing, additional things that could help them figure out exactly who this is,” said Kolko.

The sheriff’s office does not know who the person is. They say the remains show signs of prolonged exposure to the elements.

Kolko says investigators will try to collect DNA, dental records, or any other evidence they can use to check multiple databases.

“Missing person cases throughout Florida, throughout the country, maybe even outside the country. Deceased persons. Work with FDLE. They’re going to take every bit of information they have and they’re going to, they may use social media to help identify this person as they get more and more details. They’re going to do what they can to figure out who this is and how they died,” said Kolko.

Those answers will bring peace of mind back to the people in this community who just want answers.

“What happened? Exactly. So that everybody’s like, ‘ok it was this’. Or if not, then what can we do to, you know, prevent it from happening again,” said McCartney.

“We want to make sure it stays that way. So, they’ll just take their time, do their job right. And everything will be OK,” said Johnson.

Neighbors said there are trails back in the area where the remains were found they hope to feel safe again walking and riding back in that area.

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