Water quality issues in Fort Myers community

Writer: Paul Dolan
McGregor Reserve water issues. (CREDIT: WINK News)

Jennifer Hayes, a McGregor Reserve resident in Fort Myers, took one look at the water and knew it didn’t look right.

“I tried to cook my daughter pasta and filled up the pot. And I noticed the rusty water right away,” Hayes says. “There’s no way I’m cooking with this.”

“It’s just been an ongoing problem lived in this community for about six years now,” Hayes says. “It comes and goes. But nothing is ever done about it.”

The thing is, something is being done about it. The city of Fort Myers offered these filters to everyone living in McGregor Reserve for free. Although, what’s being done doesn’t seem to work all the time.

Kevin lives down the street on Lily Pond court. He’s lucky because he lives on the same piece of land as one of the water mains for the neighborhood.n So when a city inspector checks the neighborhood’s water he checks his house.

“That’s my little R2D2 box,” Kevin says. Now, what he calls the blue ‘R2D2’ box is in his front yard.

“We’ve had this for 6 months,” says Kevin. Six months and counting.

Not everyone has water problems here. But those who do want a permanent solution. So WINK News asked what more the city can do? But a spokesperson told me she didn’t have sufficient information to do an interview.

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