Locked-up boat ramp frustrating Cape Coral residents

Reporter: Zach Oliveri Writer: Paul Dolan
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boat ramp
Locked up boat ramp frustrating residents in Cape Coral. (CREDIT: WINK News)

A boat ramp locked up with a chain is frustrating for people who want to get out on the water. Cape Coral neighbors near NW 25th Ave said they have no place to get their boats in or out of the water.

The city said usage of the ramp is for the city and government. The ramp was never meant to be used by the public. This means anyone using it did so without permission.

This was not the answer neighbors wanted to hear when WINK News investigated. Now, they’ve got to find a new place to launch their boats.

Mark Harper loves to be out on his boat floating down the Atkinson Canal in Cape Coral. Being on the water is one reason why his family moved here from upstate New York.

Harper said, “We have over 400 miles of canals in Cape Coral. The reason people move here is to use the waterfront.”

Harper’s not alone in that sentiment nor is he alone in frustration. Seeing the boat ramp off NW 25th Ave chained and locked.

Cape Coral resident, Michael Stinson said, “I was looking at buying a pontoon boat last week and I went and looked at it and I can’t buy it because there’s no way to get in and out.”

Harper has a friend that lives nearby with a leak in their boat. Talking about this friend, Harper said, “he’s out there every day with a pump to try and keep it from sinking.”

Their main concern is hurricane season.

Nancy DeVille, also living in Cape Coral, has similar concerns. She said,  “We’re all worried about the impending storm system if a hurricane comes most of us like to take it out of the water for safety purposes.”

The city said people who live on freshwater canals can put in a private boat ramp at their homes.

The city has 15 ramps the public may use for fresh and saltwater access. Below’s map shows where the ramps are located.


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