Heavy flooding after Monday’s downpour in Cape Coral neighborhoods

Reporter: Marcello Cuadra Writer: Paul Dolan
Cars facing the high water levels in front of them cautiously moving forward. (CREDIT: WINK News)

All of Monday’s rain that swept through Southwest Florida caused heavy flooding in parts of Cape Coral.

The four-way intersection on Andalusia Blvd. and East Diplomat Pkwy. seemed to become a river.

Four-way stop at Andalusia Blvd and East Diplomat Pkwy in Cape Coral flooded. (CREDIT: WINK News)

Todd Schulte, Cape Coral resident said, “I think it’s kind of crazy. I mean, when it rains really bad, like all these cars getting through the big puddles.”

Schulte lives right next to that four-way stop and explained how bad it was.

“I myself had to get through the big dip on my driveway there and went up to my windshield. Kind of crazy. I had to let my car run, but not stall.” Schulte said.

While Schulte got lucky this time other people weren’t as fortunate. With several cars stalling in the median and others coming by to help.

Cars stalling due to the flooding from the heavy rain. (CREDIT: WINK News)

Schulte said, “Just worried about the people in the cars, or like what they’re going to do. How long they’re going to be stuck here.”

Schulte said he just moved to this residence three months ago and in that time he hasn’t seen it get this bad. Before moving to this area, it was worse nearby where he lived before.

“Before that? Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen it get worse before,” Schulte said. “Better drains. I always say that to my wife, it’d be better to have better drains around here.”

The water has started subsiding in the Cape Coral neighborhood. Earlier today WINK News spoke to a man off-camera that was waiting at the gas station because his car was too low. He said he was actually waiting for over an hour before he left.

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