Cape Coral hobby shop preparing to open indoor RC park

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An indoor remote-controlled racing park is coming to Cape Coral thanks to the Southwest Florida hobby shop Caloosa Trains and Hobbies.

The owner of Caloosa Trains and Hobbies said the new RC park is something racers asked for.

Indoor RC track at the Caloosa Trains and Hobbies R/C park. (Credit: WINK News)

In just a month, RC cars will be zipping around the indoor race track that is part of the nearly 10,000 square-foot Caloosa Trains and Hobbies R/C Park off Pine Island Road in Cape Coral.

“We have to find something for these kids that’s positive you know. Nothing else really matters. You know what I mean we need to find activities for them to expand and progressing instead of just getting stagnant and getting into trouble,” said Vincent Stephen, owner of Caloosa Trains and Hobbies.

That’s what Stephen wants out of the space. He wants to address what he feels is a need in the city; a place for kids to have fun.

Once Stephen puts his mind to something, “Five minutes. I mean, I’m not kidding. Once I made up my mind up to do something I just do it.”

Stephen and his team moved quickly to get the space ready because, with the summer heat, racers want a comfortable place to escape the sun.

“You don’t want to be out there even for a half an hour trying to race. It’s not fun. We do it because that’s all that’s available,” said Stephen.

RC cars at the Caloosa Trains and Hobbies R/C Park. (Credit: WINK News)

With all the extra space at the RC park, racers of all ages can do almost anything they want with a drift track, crawler course, and even drag racing outdoors.

“There’s no other places I’ve heard of or seen that has all of it. I think there’s going to be a lot of people traveling around the state to come down here for the races,” said Dominic Amoroso of Cape Coral.

Amoroso has nothing but fond memories of remote control cars. He fell in love with the hobby as a kid growing up in New Jersey He got away from it for a bit, but he couldn’t stay away.

“Me and my fiancé went to Montana to visit my younger brother and he was still into it, and we loved it. So when we came back we started it and ever since then we’ve been looking for a track to race on,” Amoroso said.

Now that the Caloosa Trains and Hobbies R/C Park is one month away from opening, Amoroso doesn’t have to look too far. “I actually live maybe 5 minutes from here”

The RC park’s owner gave WINK News a sneak peek of his new attraction, and a run down on the races

“All the cars are pretty similar as far as speed and that sort of stuff. Now we get into skill how can you navigate the track and finish,” Stephen said.

“They’re very durable. When it comes to trashing and hitting each other,” said Amoroso.

Driving the RC cars is all about fun and kids can even learn a thing or two.

“There’s a lot of electrical you can learn and mechanical in these because these run the same way your vehicle does. Especially you know the new electrical vehicles it’s the same concept,” said Amoroso.

Stephen hopes this will speed up the hobby’s popularity because as more people are exposed to it, the more they will want to get involved.

Caloosa Trains and Hobbies R/C Park is set to open on August 1.

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