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New bodycam footage from unconscious father crash in Cape Coral

Reporter: Justin Kase, Emma Heaton Writer: Paul Dolan
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New bodycam footage was released from a crash where two children jumped from a moving vehicle in Cape Coral where the father was found unconscious in July.

Since the crash, the children are feeling better, but the father, on the other hand, is not as fortunate.

According to the Cape Coral Police Department, police bodycam footage captured the aftermath of the crash where the father, Hector Negron, overdosed behind the wheel.

Negron is behind bars in the Lee County jail where he faces six charges.

Hector Negron
Hector Negron, 39. (Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

A new video shows the moment CCPD found Negron, 39, passed out after crashing his car. Police pulled Negron from the minivan and then checked his pulse to see if he was still breathing.

WINK News watched the bodycam footage and spoke with Dennis diSarro, an EMS division chief for the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District.

“Sternal rub. So she’s trying to elicit some kind of painful response to see, you know what’s going on, which is a standard practice,” diSarro said.

The police report indicates Negron was driving under the influence with his 7 and 8-year-old children in the car. When the children realized their father was unconscious, both of them jumped out of the moving minivan.

“I don’t understand how people put their children in harm’s way,” one neighbor said who wanted to remain anonymous.

In order to wake up Negron, first responders administered Narcan. That’s when Negron told officers he took valium the night before along with several kratom pills later the same morning.

While discussing the bodycam footage with diSarro, he explained to WINK News how Narcan works.

“What Narcan does is basically, opiate is like a lock and key, so the key gets into a hole and you could open the lock, Narcan goes in there and stops the key basically…” said diSarro. “Narcan, when it’s administered, takes that opiate receptor and just kind of knocks it off, so the effects go away.”

Then, paramedics discovered a syringe in Negron’s pocket when they were looking for his ID. Negron told officers he found it in his car from a prior time when he was using opiates. But, Negron went on to explain, that he only put it in his pocket so he could dispose of it.

DiSarro mentioned to WINK News the syringe found in Negron’s pocket was a “diabetic syringe”.

Once Negron was at the hospital to get checked out, the reports show he told officers he just needed to eat something. However, after eating a sandwich, officers watched as he began to fall asleep every few seconds.

Negron, who was driving on a suspended license, faces multiple charges, including driving under the influence and child neglect, and his bond has been set at $27,500.