Kissimmee parents accused of fatally beating son for drinking from toilet

Author: CBS Miami Staff
A Florida couple has been accused of beating their 6-year-old son to death after finding him drinking from the toilet bowl.
Bianca Blaise and Larry Rhodes. Credit: CBS Miami

A Florida couple has been charged with murder in connection with the death of their 6-year-old son, allegedly beating him to death for drinking from the toilet.

They’ve also been charged with severely abusing their five other children.

On Wednesday, Osceola Sheriff Marcos Lopez detailed the events that led to the death of that child and the arrests of his parents, Jonathan Rhodes and Bianca Blaise.

“Through our investigation, it was learned the child was drinking from the toilet, but that had nothing to do with why he wasn’t breathing,” said Lopez.

The sheriff’s office said on July 5th, deputies were sent to the Knights Inn Hotel in Kissimmee after Blaise called about a drowning

“The reason he wasn’t breathing was because his parents got very angry because he was drinking out of the toilet. So they started to beat him. First, the mother beat him, then the father started repeatedly punching this little boy with a closed fist,” said Lopez.

The boy died a few days later after being on life support for a brain bleed.

The investigation also revealed all of the other children ranging in ages from 5 to 10 months old were also beaten.

“During the investigation, we learned that their parents would send them to the corner of the hotel room and beat them with the bottom of a shoe. We were able to match the markings on their bodies with the imprint of a shoe,” said Lopez.

All five children have since then been placed together under the care of a foster family.

Both parents are being held without bond.

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