DeSantis sues the FDA over request to import cheap drugs from Canada

Reporter: Claire Galt Writer: Matthew Seaver
Governor Ron DeSantis announcing lawsuit against the FDA.

Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday announced that he is suing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, saying it has not complied with a public records request about Florida’s proposed program to import cheaper drugs from Canada.

It is a big move by Governor DeSantis. He says the feds are blocking your access to cheaper prescriptions from Canada.

On Wednesday, the governor made his opinion clear, he says the FDA is dragging its feet.

DeSantis wants to import prescription drugs from Canada because he says that will save Floridians money. “We’d be able to save, you know, $100 million, $200 million for taxpayers,” said DeSantis.

The only thing in his way, he claims, is President Joe Biden’s FDA.

“It’s hard to even meet with people at the FDA. Very dismissive, you know, very arrogant with how they’ve gone,” said DeSantis.

At a news conference on Wednesday, DeSantis said the state filed to obtain the right to import prescription drugs from Canada two years ago but said the FDA is taking too long to grant approval or even respond.

“They have unlawfully and unreasonably delayed approval of Florida’s program, and we think this violates federal law,” DeSantis said.

The governor counted the days the state waited for word from the FDA. A total of 630 days with no end in sight.

Now, he wants a judge to force the Biden administration’s hand and to explain why it is dragging its feet.

Biden promised during his run for president that he would authorize drug imports, and in July 2021 signed an executive order that would allow it.

“I’ve ordered the FDA to work with states and tribes to import prescription drugs safely from Canada. These are drugs that the FDA has determined are safe,” said Biden.

A year later, Florida’s plan remains in limbo.

The Biden administration has not yet responded to the lawsuit, but DeSantis vowed to keep applying pressure until someone does.

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