Lee County tests voting machine integrity ahead of the midterm election

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Lee county voting machines
Lee county voting machines. (Credit: WINK News)

Lee County spent Wednesday morning testing voting machines to protect election integrity.

The Lee County Elections Office ran a methodical 17-step process, testing the logic and accuracy of voting machines. They ran a simulated election with predetermined voting numbers and then double-checked the math.

Supervisor of Elections Tommy Doyle was happy with the performance of the machines across hours of testing and doesn’t believe Hurricane Ian will affect how the county protects election integrity.

“We have protocols that will safeguard in every direction as far as voter registration, as far as people going to the polls, and as far as receiving vote by mail,” said Doyle.

Election officials revealed that at least two-thirds of the sites used for the 2022 primary election are unavailable for the general election after the hurricane’s damage.

Lee County has requested an emergency executive order from Governor Ron DeSantis. It would allow a 12-day early voting period at “Voting centers.” This format change would help ensure voters have access to polls.

Doyle believes the voting machines can handle 12 days of ballots without problems.

“We have field techs that will be out and about with extra tabulators if something happens,” said Doyle. “Each tabulator can take about 40,000 votes with no problem.”

Many Southwest Florida counties are urging you to vote early or by mail. They’re adamant that the process will be secure regardless of how Floridians place their vote.

“I think the secret to the integrity of our voting is transparency. And as you’ve seen today, we are very transparent,” said Doyle.

Not a single mistake was found by voting machines, an encouraging sign ahead of next month’s election.

Lee County’s early voting period will run from October 24 to November 8 once the governor signs the executive order.

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