Albino boa constrictor found and caught in Naples

Reporter: Jolena Esperto Writer: Paul Dolan

A rare albino boa constrictor was lying in the bushes outside of a Naples home, so naturally, the people that found it called for help.

The 9-and-a-half-foot boa was hard to miss and caused a lot of excitement.

An albino boa constrictor in a wagon. CREDIT: WINK News

Taylor and Rhett Stanberry love wildlife, calling themselves venomous keepers and re-locators.

“And at first, he thought it was friendly. And he was trying to grab it all nicely,” Taylor said.

The couple has grown quite the following on their social media.

Someone tagged them in a post about a snake in their backyard, which is how they met the big albino boa.

“They were terrified of the snake at first, understandably. And then they were like really grateful tho at we came and called the snake,” Rhett said.

Rhett jumped into action after spotting the rare reptile in the bushes.

“She started striking. She’s scared, but it was so cool catching it. It was our first time catching a boa and especially an albino boa,” Taylor said. “You shouldn’t see those because they’re just released or escaped pets so it’s very rare to catch them.”

The wildlife-loving couple believes it’s someone’s pet due to the fact that boa constrictors are not native to Florida and an albino boa constrictor in the wild is incredibly rare.

Pulling the albino boa away in a wagon. CREDIT: WINK News

Nevertheless, nobody responded to their posts about the snake.

“Should we, you know, send her to another rescue? And then we’re like, you know, we’ll keep her because she’s pretty cool. And she’s beautiful,” Rhett said.

So, it’s possible the couple will take care of the big boa themselves.

“We’re keeping her in quarantine for now. We got her on a diet and exercise regimen. And we’re building her big cage,” Taylor said.

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