Yelling drunk man lying outside woman’s Fort Myers door arrested

Writer: Paul Dolan
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Justin Luke Simon mug shot. CREDIT: Lee County Sheriff’s Office

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to a heavily intoxicated man lying at a woman’s door late Thursday night in Fort Myers.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Justin Simon, 41, was lying outside a home on Juanita Avenue when the woman living there came home from work at around 11 p.m. Simon began yelling at the woman after asking him if he was okay.

When Deputy Wright got to the scene, Simon had a pungent alcoholic odor coming from his face.  The deputy began asking Simon what he was doing on the ground outside of the home. Simon, refusing to acknowledge the deputy in front of him, proceeded to go on yelling. Simon simply kept yelling he is supposed to be here.

Ignoring the deputy’s questions, Simon’s yelling and volume became problematic. Simon kept yelling, “at the top of his lungs,” the report says, over the deputy.

Deputy Wright asked if Simon needed help or was lost. Belligerently yelling, Simon didn’t answer, he just kept raising his voice.

But then, hearing a commotion, neighbors began looking and walking outside to see what was going on. Next, neighbors began crowding around the scene, causing a big disturbance.

Refusing to leave the area after asking Simon multiple times, Simon went on yelling and screaming.

Despite attempt after attempt the deputy made to defuse the situation Simon was steadfast in his “uncontrollable disruption of the resident and neighborhood,” the report says.

Then, Simon was placed in custody by Deputy Wright.

Simon was arrested for Disorderly intoxication and later transported to the Lee County Jail without issue.

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