Insurance villages bring results for frustrated SWFL homeowners

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Many homes are still damaged nearly seven months after Hurricane Ian, with their owners struggling with the claims process so they can be made whole. Now the state hopes a series of insurance villages in Southwest Florida can help bridge that gap.

You can put the phone down and stop waiting for an email in order to have a face-to-face talk about your problems with someone from your insurance company.

People who visited the insurance village at the Charlotte County Event Center on Monday waited at most an hour and walked away with as many as four checks.

Barry Shiflett was one Punta Gorda homeowner who left very happy.

“It makes me feel great because now I can close out that claim account,” Shiflett said.

Shiflett says his insurance company was great immediately after Ian. But the customer service virtually disappeared once his claim got into the hands of a desk adjuster.

“I was not getting anywhere with some of the claims I have filed with my insurance company,” Shiflett said.

So he gave this village a shot, hoping that speaking to someone in person would get results.

“I came here today with all of my documentation, and I’m walking out with four checks,” Shiflett said.

Citizens Property Insurance Spokesman Michael Peltier says there is an on-site claims adjuster to help people through their claims. They can even write checks for additional living expenses.

“We can expedite a field adjuster to your house, maybe not today, but sometime this week, “Peltier said. “So we can speed things along. Basically, you have a face-to-face contact with someone from Citizens who has the authority to send your claim where it needs to go.”

Shiflett says he was able to do more in one day at the insurance village than he was able to do in months relying on phone calls and emails.

I got everything I needed today,” Shiflett said.

Maybe not everyone will find Shiflett’s level of satisfaction, but it beats waiting for the phone to ring or the inbox to ping.

Monday’s insurance village closes at 5 p.m. But all of these companies will be back in Fort Myers Beach at the DiamondHead Beach Resort on Tuesday. On Wednesday, they will return to the Charlotte County Event Center.

Policyholders should bring as much documentation as they can, including:

  • A driver’s license or other form of identification (Passport/State issued ID)
  • Insurance cards and insurance policy information/documentation
  • Pictures or documentation of the property being claimed as a loss resulting from Hurricane Ian
  • Repair estimates
  • Any additional insurance-related information that is readily accessible.

NOTE: The insurance villages will exclusively focus on insurance related-issues, and staff from other agencies will not be present to assist with other post-storm benefits.


Monday, April 17th

Charlotte County Event Center

75 Taylor St.

Punta Gorda, Florida 33950


Tuesday, April 18th

Diamondhead Beach Resort (Ballroom)

2000 Estero Blvd.

Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33931


Wednesday, April 19th

Charlotte County Event Center

75 Taylor St.

Punta Gorda, Florida 33950

The insurance villages will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Complete list of the entities participating:

  • Allstate Insurance Companies / Castle Key Insurance
  • American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida
  • American Traditions Insurance Company
  • Citizens Property Insurance
  • First Protective Insurance Company / Frontline
  • Florida Peninsula Insurance Company / Edison Insurance Company
  • Heritage P & C Insurance Company
  • Homeowners Choice P & C Insurance Company / TypTap Insurance
  • Monarch National Insurance Company
  • People’s Trust Insurance Company
  • Progressive Insurance / ASI – American Strategic
  • SafePoint Insurance Company
  • State Farm Insurance Companies
  • Tower Hill Insurance Companies
  • Universal P & C Insurance Company
  • National Flood Insurance Program / FEMA
  • Florida Insurance Guarantee Association
  • Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters
  • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation

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