Fishermen’s Village goes up for sale

Author: AMY GALO Writer: Paul Dolan

Prime real estate goes up for sale after a controversial expansion project pulled out. Because of this, Fishermen’s Village’s uncertain future in Punta Gorda has grown more prominent than ever.

The current owner told WINK News even though he loves Fishermen’s Village, he decided to sell the property to pursue other callings. Jon Larmore, the owner of Fishermen’s Village, said his recent divorce is also a factor.

It’s unclear if the expansion project for Fishermen’s Village will happen, especially given that the current owner put the place up for sale.

A week ago, WINK News spoke with Gary Skillicorn, a member of Smart Growth Punta Gorda, he expressed concern for the proposed expansion project. He was shocked to learn the project was pulled.

“Quite a surprise. Isn’t that,” Skillicorn said.

Skillicorn hoped that meant the community would have a chance to offer its ideas. Also, Patti Allen, Fishermen’s Village VP of Community Affairs, promised it would.

“Our owner, John Laramore, decided to pull it at this time to regroup and get more involvement not only from this city but from the residents and come up with a plan that everybody can be happy with,” Allen said.

But who is going to take over, and what are their plans?

“It does worry me a little bit that this could go on to somebody else, and then somebody else,” Fishermen’s Village resident Jeannie Polk said.

Smart Growth founder Kay Abbs, hopes the new owner values tradition.

“Just somebody who wants the best for the community and wants to fit in and values the area, you know, the same as we do,” Abbs said.

Jon Larmore, the current owner, sent WINK News a statement saying he hopes whoever takes over comes up with the right plan to move it forward.

As for Skillicorn, he hopes expansion is no longer a viable option.

“I think it’s great the way it is, to be real honest with you. So you know, more is not always better,” Skillicorn said.

WINK News reached out to Patti Allen about the sale of Fishermen’s Village and she told WINK News, she could not give a comment at this time.

When they spoke with WINK News earlier in April, she said Fishermen’s Village would be present at Wednesday’s Punta Gorda City Council meeting to discuss the next steps after withdrawing the expansion proposal. The meeting is still happening but it’s unclear whether Fishermen’s Village will be discussed.

Concerned community members are still planning to attend.

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