Inside Tyrrell House, one of the most unique homes in Southwest Florida

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If these walls could talk, you’d hear of stories from Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, to Hollywood secrets from a movie production.

Take a look inside one of the most incredible homes in Southwest Florida, which has roots to Thomas Edison, Hollywood movies, and is even the home to 60+ ranging peacocks.

“These crotons that were passing are the original croutons, over 100 years old, and there’s trees here that we don’t even know what they are and actually UF came out and couldn’t identify them,” said Mike Ryan, owner of Tyrrell House.

Mike and Laska Ryan beam with pride as they present their beautifully maintained home known as the Tyrrell House.

“This home was built in 1913, by Dr. George Tyrrell, and he was a surgeon and a hobby botanist,” Laska said.

Dr. Tyrrell brought plants from all over the world to create this once 80-acre oasis.

“He was actually friends of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone,” Laska said.

The Ryans embrace that cool history.

They’ve collected a bunch of articles that help tell the story of their home tucked away in tiny Fort Denaud.

And Mike spends hours each night maintaining the now three and a half acres of gardens.

“I’ve been told that Thomas Edison introduced the bamboos to the property,” Mike said.

When the Ryans moved in five years ago, a lot of the property was restored, but they’ve added their own touches.

“Our neighbors across the street who had owned the home in years past,” Laska said. “They knew that we were looking to put like a clawfoot tub in to echo that time period, and they said, “Well, we have the original one in our barn as a horse trough. Do you want it?'”

Now, the guest bathroom is Laska’s favorite room with the original tub but with modern-day fixtures.

“Our home office has the original desk of Dr. Tyrrell,” Laska said. “There’s an original fireplace in the home. It’s actually made of Florida coral.”

Thomas Edison himself was a frequent visitor.

“This behind you the pool was actually the boat slip that Thomas Edison would come with his steamboat and pull right up to the home, and when he would visit the Tyrrell’s,” Laska said.

But the highlight of the property?

“The nickname for the property is appropriately Peacock Alley,” Laska said. “Mrs. Edison came here to get her own peacock.”

And apparently, they have quite the personality.

“They literally will come up our stairs, and they sit right in front of our front door, and sometimes they’ll peck at the front door,” Mike said.

For some, your home is where your heart is.

“When we come in here, it just feels like a celebration of our family,” Ryan said.

For the Ryans, their home is their heart.

Remember the aforementioned Hollywood production?

The home, which was dilapidated then, was part of a scene in the 1995 murder mystery “Just Cause” featuring Sean Connery and Laurence Fishburne.

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